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Imbibing language skills seamlessly by listening to the standard pronunciation.
Repeat the lessons and have them moderated and evaluated by the linguistic expert instantly.
The linguist can monitor each student independently without disturbing other students and guide them online instantly.
The teacher can interrupt the class and address them collectively
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Communication Skills Lab

Noida Institute of Engineering & Technology

This is to certify that Noida Institute of Engineering & Technology, Greater Noida has installed The Zybro Digital Language Lab (Software Of ELT) in its Multimedia Language Laboratory and the concerned trainers find it to be very useful. I wholeheartedly recommended this software to the other Organization Which want to give a new dimension to English Language Teaching.

Dr Ghazala Naaz,
Head, Department of English
NIET,Greater Noida.

Zybro Digital Language Lab is developed by ZYBRO TECHNOLOGIES with Corporate office in Bangalore and development center in Cochin. We have more than 500 clients in India and presence all around the globe. Digitized Language Lab is one of our educational software. More than 250 language lab installations became functional in the last 2 years. A hardware person can install our language lab with the help of our installation manual. Online and telephonic support will be made available by us.
The `Instructor Console’ is provided with control functions to monitor all Learners / Students positions. An exclusive feature is an option to listen to or view the recorded lesson and the Learners’ voice separately. The Instructor can stop the action at a selected Learner’s position for administering instructions or making corrections. This feature enhances Instructor’s personalized attention of the individual Learners.
The Multimedia Digital Language Lab Software is a pioneering, inexpensive yet innovative solution that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology with internationally proven foreign language teaching and mastering methods. The Multimedia Digital Language Laboratory Software is also cost-effective because it eliminates obsolete technologies using tape recorders and amplifiers.
With this feature each Learner downloads the respective recorded lessons for the session on to the Learner’s system. The Learner can listen to the expert’s lessons and pronunciations, repeat after the expert in the gaps provided and simultaneously record them, replay and compare the two. Corrections, in case of erratic pronunciations, if any, are also possible, and are to be made. With this facility
Digital Language Lab Incorporates
  • Listen
  • Speak / Respond
  • Read
  • Write / Type
  • Recording and Evaluating
Bayan College,
Muscat (Oman)
Regional Institute of Education, Mysore, Karnataka
Goenka Public School, Sikar, Rajasthan
The New Tulip International School, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Mody School,
Indira Ganesan College of Engineering, Tamil Nadu
Tatva Institute of
Technological Studies, Gujarat
Shrikrishnadas Jajoo Grameen Seva Mahavidyalaya, Wardha