Digital Language Lab in ICT Aided Education

Despite the unparalleled growth of accessibility to mobile technologies, inequitable admittance to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in learning sector is a downside of developing nations. Better consistency in policy is needed in our learning sector, while many countries are taking maximum efforts to increase the access to digital learning solutions. Moreover, long-lasting and optimal efforts must be taken to broaden the capability of teacher as well as learners to make effectual use of suitable learning technologies.

Technology-enabled learning intends to focus on ever-increasing accessibility to quality teaching and learning through the application of innovative ICT in education. It is obvious that emphasis on ICT is inescapable as it acts as a catalyst for capacity building of educational institutions with no compromise on quality. Since the education leaders worldwide advocate the application of ICT in education, many schools nowadays go for smart classrooms and digital language labs. A wide range of ICT enabled teaching and learning options including online learning, intercom, classroom surveillance, e-exam, e-writer, e-reader, video and audio streaming, lesson studio etc. make digital language lab indispensable in current education scenario. The added benefit of digital learning solutions is that, teachers can make use of these learning platforms to teach various disciplines as well.

In short, to accelerate student-centric education and seamless technology enhanced learning atmosphere, smart classrooms and digital language labs are essential as it provides better learning methodologies using all kinds of instructional materials.