Importance of Language Learning Strategies in Foreign Language Learning

While considering the language learning requirements and approaches, we come to know that the key goal of a learner is to build up communicative competence in target language, especially foreign or second languages. Digital language lab software plays an important role in developing the communicative skill of learners.

Language learning strategies are the techniques/steps generated by learners themselves to enhance their competence in communication and to develop their ability in language skills including listening, speaking, reading, and writing that are necessary for foreign language acquisition. With the adoption of visible and unseen LLS such as behaviours, thoughts, mental processes, students will be able to develop the essential aspects of a language including vocabulary, syntax, grammar rules etc in a very effortless manner. The language lab provided with finest features and quality study materials are really helpful to evoke, cognitive, metacognitive, mnemonic, social and compensatory strategies by the learners to become better in language proficiency. The system helps the learner to employ various strategies including monitoring and listening to native speakers, practise tasks, paying attention, analyse language, guessing meaning, reasoning, summarizing, asking questions, self-evaluation etc through a wide variety of learning activities.

Digital language lab is a superb aid in developing LLS allowing the learners to become more self-directed, problem-oriented, and flexible. The benefit of language learning software is that it helps the learner to generate both communication strategies that are used by the speaker consciously to cope with the problem in communicating a second/foreign language, and language learning strategies that are employed by the student while learning language.

Language educators across the world consider LLS as an important tool for active and self motivated involvement in developing communicative competence. By using language labs, teachers can help students to use language learning strategies to make them better in a language. Teachers can also encourage students who already use these strategies so that other learners might notice and imitate them.