Improved Pronunciation with Zybro Language Lab

Teaching pronunciation to learners of English as a Second Language (ESL) is a challenging task that all are aware of. While teaching, the instructors not only have to ensure the training of age appropriate vocabulary to the learners but also have to ascertain sounds and regular supply of listening and speaking exposure to the learners. Teaching them correct pronunciation, with the aspiration to bring their pronunciation skills akin to those of the native speakers is also to be considered seriously.

As English is a universally used language, it is accepted that this global language is spoken across the globe by people whose first language is not English. This implies that English is now widely used by non native speakers of English as well. But to help the students speak in an intelligible manner is very important. Digital language lab is a highly advanced tool which enables teachers to provide proper training to students so that they can make their speech unintelligible, especially when communicating with other non native speakers. It also helps to remove the persisting mother tongue influence of non-native English speakers who belong to different parts of the world. Language laboratory assists teachers to bring the pronunciation skills as close as to the accent of the native speakers or making the sound intelligible to other non native speakers of English.

Zybro language lab gives good exposure to the learners to authentic native pronunciation as a solution to pronunciation challenge. Learner will benefit more from emulating correct pronunciation using audio of native accents. The learners can thus focus on the more important aspects of language, learning content rich with meaningful vocabulary and language structures.