Interactive Language Learning with Zybro

Zybro digital language lab is an all inclusive software solution that encapsulates and extends language learning tools and services using only microphones and networked computers in a classroom setting. It provides simple and interactive user interface for teachers and students to transform their language teaching-learning to a unique experience.

Zybro provides a self-paced foreign language learning atmosphere that can be used by teachers and students within a classroom by turning their system into a digital language lab. The only additional hardware required is a headset with microphone. All the audio/video recordings can be used as the resources for learning language. The software is a simple but effective tool that can be used by students of all ages and all languages.

The added advantage of Zybro is its specifically designed English language learning material made in consultation with faculty and educators, a small team of instructional specialists in ICT aided teaching learning. Besides, its multifaceted and interactive features, the lab is easy to use, simple to deploy, and flexible enough to accommodate all the languages taught in the classroom. Its secure interactive teaching platform is designed to inspire students more into creative and natural learning process. Teachers can create, assign and assess activities for the students and monitor their performance regularly.

Students can perform the speaking and listening exercises free of fear and inhibition. It helps them to overcome their shyness in speaking English. Teachers can also control students' screens, use the conferencing facility to call students, monitor students as they complete work and give help and feedback online