Learn with Digital Language Lab Software in Multimedia Contexts

A multilingual class is a class where the learners are from different countries and they speak a variety of first languages. With the advent of technology, language educators worldwide use ICT resources and multimedia enabled digital language learning tools to bridge the communication gaps in multilingual classroom.

Zybro digital language lab is revolutionary tool which can be used by English language teachers to actively address the learning needs of students and to improve different aspects of their language educational experiences. Teachers can use this software to get quality resources and enhanced learning atmosphere which can promote students’ interest and knowledge. Conversational language proficiency is fundamentally different. Language lab helps to transfer the skills and concepts learned to the second language and to promote social interaction, situational conversation and language expertise in a highly motivating environment. Teacher can scaffold learners with suitable instruction according to the learners’ demands, promoting target language learning in school context.

The various kinds of language learning activities including role play, group discussion, grouping and pairing, debates etc. This helps the learner to employ collaborative learning so that the students will start to perform beyond their ability and will achieve proficiency in both written and oral communication skills.

With Zybro language laboratory, the teacher can monitor the progress of students’ learning and give necessary guidance to students individually without distracting the whole class. The maximum privacy and interactive learning space students get from language lab is very much beneficial to promote their communication skills shedding all kinds of embarrassments and inhibition.