Radha College of Engineering Implemented Zybro DLL

Raadhaa College of Education, one among the leading educational institutions in Tamil Nadu has set up Zybro digital language lab, the premium language learning solutions in the education industry. Zybro digital language lab implemented in the college smart lab is good enough to enhance the language expertise and soft skills of the budding teachers promoting the teaching skill inherent in every student. Besides, it is helpful for the student teachers to get proficient in English language without attending prolonged and exhausting sessions with mere chalk and talk setting. Zybro Digital Language lab is an advanced tool which helps the learner to undergo self-learning experience at his own pace, by practising a multitude of exercises through technology. The superior language teaching options in the software dramatically improve teaching and learning of abstract concepts by translating it into real-life situations and providing personalised instruction and individualized assessments. The high quality study materials provided with the software is beneficial for aspiring teachers to master language easily and to get a clear idea about the teaching aids and learning materials to be used in technology aided classrooms. Raadhaa College of Education established by Sri Paspo College of Educational & Trustable Trust, a charitable organization with the view to impart value based education to the students in and around Dharmapuri district. Since 2008 it is affiliated to Tamilnadu Teachers Education University, Chennai. The college offers B.Ed. and M.Ed. programmes and has been able to establish mark of excellence on the educational map through its hard and continuous efforts of management and faculty of the college from its time of inception.