Modular Features

Instructor Console

It is provided with control functions for monitoring Learners. This can be used for setting batches, sessions for each batch and lessons for each session. Lessons can be selected from the pre defined sessions according to the availability of time. The Instructor position has the function to monitor every Learner. There are options for listening to the recorded lessons and the Learner’s voice separately and to stop the actions at selected Learner positions for giving instructions.
Instructor console is having three tabs.

a) Student Information

  • The first tab in Teacher console provide us with information of student and icons for Two way communication
  • Listen
  • Broadcasting
  • StopView
  • TextView
  • Screen Capturing
  • Group Discussion

b) Lesson Assignment

The second tab is for assignment of lessons and class, pre recorded lessons are assigned to suit learning ability of any individual Learner. Video, text, and sound are displayed.
Lesson with text and video can be assigned.

c) Recorder

The third tab in the Instructor console is for creation of lessons. The Instructors have the provision to recorded lesson with video in their own voice. Text can be typed and saved as per requirement.

Learner console

With this feature lessons can be downloaded on to the systems at the Learner’s console. Hence, the Learner can listen to the expert’s lessons and pronunciations, repeat them, record, and replay. Correction in case of any erratic pronunciation is also possible.
With this facility, the selected item can be repeated over and over again, until precision is attained, with the right accent and continuity. One of the major stumbling blocks in the process of language learning is that of inhibition and fear of being mocked by others. By providing each student with a separate cubicle, the Learner gains privacy. With this, the Learner can shed the fear of faulty pronunciations.

Functional Features

Can be used for teaching any language..

  • An Instructor console with control functions to monitor all learner functions.
  • Options for listening to the passage or the Learner voice separately and to interrupt at desired intervals to impart suggestions.
  • Each Learner can have separate cubicle privacy.
  • Facility of pre- setting the lessons, batches and sessions for the academic year.
  • Learners can automatically receive lessons from master source while logging in and can use these lessons for personal practice.
  • Individual attention for each learner, without disturbing the rest.
  • Facility of automatic storage of passage and comparison with the repeated version of the same passage.
  • Volume control operation during repeat.
  • Provision for converting already existing passages recorded in tapes into digital format.
  • While a confident Learner is free to move ahead of schedule, in consultation with the Instructor, a weaker Learner may stay with a lesson till he or she feels sure.
  • Proficiency in pronunciation, accent and language flow can be attained in the most effective way.