Audio-lingual Teaching Method with Digital Language Laboratory

With the advent of digital language lab software, teachers can adopt different teaching methodologies to make the language learning process effective and simple. Audio-lingual teaching method is a practice adopt by many teachers worldwide. As this method is purely based on the principles of behaviour psychology, it has wide acceptance among English teachers.

In audio-lingual teaching, new material will be transacted in the form of dialogue. The language learning is a habit formation according to this method and it dependence on imitation, memorization of phrases and repeated practising. Repetitive drills are used in this method to teach students. Grammar is taught inductively and it has little importance in this teaching method. Language skills such as listening, speaking, reading and writing are taught in the sequential order.

Abundant use of digital language laboratory, audio and visual aids is followed in audio lingual teaching method. Students are given extended listening and pre-reading period at the beginning of the session. Native-like pronunciation is of prior importance in this method and teacher restricts the use of mother tongue in classroom. By using this method, teacher can reinforce successful language learning and takes great care to prevent learner errors. Students get greater opportunity to focus on target language rather than analysing the content and meaning of the materials. Speaking drills are conducted as fast as possible so as to assure automaticity and to establish the system effectively in classroom.