Better English Accent with Zybro Digital Language Lab

The use of digital language laboratory in English teaching is nothing new. Teachers make use of this technology device for teaching English especially, pronunciation and sound practice. The main advantage is that while using language lab software, they can give extensive practice sessions for all students without any time constraints.

While utilizing language laboratory, the teacher can ensure that all the utterances students make are actually within the practised pattern. Practice sessions can be conducted in fast-paced manner considering the difficulty level of students. Students get a clear idea about the sounds in English, its articulation, speech organ movement and much more. Every word added in the software comes with an in-context definition, image and audio so that the learner gets enough support to make native English accessible. Besides, they can use normal English stress, intonation, and patterns consistently. The arrangement of study materials in the order of increasing complexity of is very much beneficial for teachers to assign lessons according to the age level and difficulty level of students.

Before learning how to speak, students will need to learn how to listen. Language lab functions this way giving importance to the skills in its LSRW order.

When the students listen to the words/sounds, if they can understand the difference, it will be easier for them to speak the difference. Zybro English digital language lab software is one of its kind in the industry which provides authentic study materials for better accent practice.