Comprehension through Digital Language Lab

Giving a proper definition to ‘Comprehension’ is quite difficult for educationists even now. In a general sense, we can say that comprehension is a process of getting the idea that author conveys into the reader’s mind. The ability to comprehend new piece of information is the decisive factor that determines one’s talent to absorb language components and its use in meaningful way.

Reading comprehension is an intricate cognitive and active communication process that necessitates a deliberate and thoughtful interaction between the learner and the text. Without out reading comprehension skill, students may not be able to understand the material they read or connect what they read to prior knowledge and their own experience. The preparation of teachers to equip students with reading approaches to boost understanding is closely linked to students' achievement in comprehension skills. Teachers usually find it challenging to develop the comprehending ability of students in usual classrooms.

Academicians today prefer digital language learning solutions to conventional teaching methodologies for enhancing the comprehension skill of students as their language acquisition depends on grasping, analysing, evaluating and applying the information they gathered through reading. Digital Language Lab is the most modern solution now available to enhance the overall communication power of students, according to educational visionaries. This top-notch digital language learning solution available today is featured with comprehension exercises so that the student can read passages and do the assignments following it.

The material added in the language lab is also helpful to learners in the acquisition of comprehension skill, oral and written proficiency, and cultural consciousness. Students get unique learning experiences through the diverse applications integrated in language labs. Hence, digital language lab is considered as the need of the hour in the communication and language acquisition process.