Create Fun-filled Learning Atmosphere with Zybro Language Lab

Language laboratory is one of the most appealing tools adopted by language teachers who are tired of lecturing continuously in the class and those who want something stimulating for the students. The unlimited options added in Zybro Language Lab help the language teachers help the learners acquire language and communication skills easily without spending the whole day in front of a black board. Films are one of the best ways adopted by modern educators to instruct learners in a more engaging way.
Language teachers can use movie clippings to reinforce language usage, grammar points, structure and syntax and to strengthen vocabulary with simple activities like role-play, discussion, debate, drama enacting etc. Creating lessons with movie is a fine way to have fun and engage English learning students. Various activities like rearranging events of the movie using cards with one or two sentences of the events can be given to students for making their learning enjoyable and simple. Other activities to test students’ observatory power and vocabulary can also be included in the language lab for engaging the students. Simple and lively activity for practising listening skills through movie watching is a good idea teachers can deploy in classrooms.
By giving each student a word that will appear at least once in the movie, teacher can reinforce his vocabulary. While watching movies, when the student hears his word, he stands up. These kinds of opportunities are helpful for students to learn all the important words in the movie. Tasks including script writing, enacting plays etc. can be given to students for practice. Character questionnaire and role play helps students to get inside the character mind, and to respond accordingly to a situation. It also improves practising dialogues, intonation and stress patterns.
Language laboratory enables all the best possible ways to make the learning fun and knowledge-filled. Using this innovative learning solution, teacher can implement movies for teaching a topic while engaging and holding students’ interests. Zybro lab is added with collection of videos that suit different learning levels of students to hone the communication and creative skills of learners.