Differentiated Instruction with Zybro Language Lab

Zybro digital language has been used by many educational institutions over the years and is now very much popular among language teachers. One of the key benefits of Zybro language lab is differentiated learning. In conventional language lab, every student hears/sees exactly the same thing at the same time and it is not possible for students to learn at their own pace and teachers to assign lessons that will benefit them specifically. Unlike the traditional language learning tools, digital language lab offers different features to customise study materials and activities that suit the learners’ level of acquisition.

Zybro language lab helps to differentiate lessons in order to assist all students meet language standards and to learn at individual pace. This properly equipped language lab enhances differentiated instruction in a number of ways. For example, it enables the language instructor to expose students to a variety of native speakers using the target language in a multitude of culturally appropriate and real-life situations. It also has the ability to digitally record students’ voice at the same time, or pair /group students to simulate a conversation or task. Hence, students get greater number of speaking practice than in a conventional classroom. Besides, this software based technology lab is more flexible and the teachers get additional option of augmenting the lab with extra materials that would allow students to work as per the requirement of the school.

Zybro offers a variety of options where students can interact with a wide range of audio-visual material, including video clips, documentaries, podcasts, reading and writing activities, and listening and speaking activities. It also facilitates a global perspective, that’s very important for students.