Digital Language Lab Software: Making Difference in Teaching & Learning

If you are looking for new methodology or strategy to improve the language teaching-learning process in your school, then digital language lab is the best option. But before choosing a language lab system, analyse whether it has all the features needed to meet your requirement. Always keep in account that not all expensive systems are reliable and productive. It would be better to choose the one that can make the language session interactive and lively with user-friendly tools.

Zybro language laboratory is a revolutionary language learning solution which provides refreshing & exciting way to master languages and communicate fluently. Unlike the traditional blackboard-chalk mode classes and theoretical sessions of grammar rules, Zybro employs easy to use tools to learn language in a quick-paced manner. By installing Zybro lab, you can transform the school computer lab into a virtual digital language lab. Irrespective of the seating positions of students, students get equal attention from the teacher during the entire course of the session.

Digital language lab facilitates students with a sense of privacy that reduces the inhibition students felt in conventional classroom situations and encourages even timid students to speak .The teacher can speak to a single or group of students without distracting other students in the class. Besides, teacher can assign diverse materials that suit the learning level of students and they can work through the lesson material at a pace suited to their ability. The use of advanced technology in Zybro ensures high quality sound capturing & reproduction, relatively high SNR (Sound Noise Raito) and reduces distortion, delay, noise and interference.

Since the system uses a lot of striking graphical interface and interactive contents (audio/video), the student’s attention and interest is increased and it replaces the boredom students felt in normal classroom with monotonous repetitive theories and black board as the only medium.