Digital Language Lab Software; Teacher’s Tool to Assessment

In the process of language learning, students get content knowledge, acquire communication skills, and develop culture and practise the application of all the three to real-life situations. Language lab software is an excellent tool for teachers to assess the performance and progress of students in language skill acquisition process. Most of the digital language lab systems now come with unique options to boost up the language capability of students thereby enhancing their confidence and participation.

With the help of language lab software, teacher can include various activities and assessment methods to evaluate the performance of students according to their age and level of acquisition. The provision to record in digital format enables the student self-evaluation of their listening and speaking skills. The teacher can easily send and inspect practice sessions and real exams, while blocking access to programs, files and the internet, permitting students to focus on the given task, activity or examination.

Assessment of speaking and listening skills helps students to improve and standardize their listening and speaking skills in English. Evaluation of these skills is an ongoing process and the teacher can assign various task or activities until the students get proficient. In, addition to the listening and speaking skills, teacher can assign different tasks to improve the writing and reading skills also.

Zybro language lab is provided with authentic contents to help teachers assign works to students according to their difficulty level. The system follows LSRW teaching methodology focusing on developing a foundation of essential words and phrases, progressing to full sentences and conversations, in addition to building communicative language skills to equip the learner in real-life situations.