Digital Language Laboratory Focuses Veracity

With the technological advancements, language labs abound in different forms with distinctive features. Computer-aided labs, multi-media labs and digital language labs are just a few to mention. However, the underlying principle of the language laboratory remains same from the inception of this teaching aid. That is, the instructor or teacher stays connected with the students’ consoles and conduct classes using different types of contents in the various formats like text, audio, video etc.

While the language lab allows teachers to utilise different contents for assigning lessons and activities, students can use the text, audio and video files for improving their communication skill by recording their pronunciation and comparing that with the original version. This enables self-assessment. Language lab software like Zybro provides digital contents that can be easily integrated in every-day situations. The actuality of the contents helps learners to comprehend vocabulary, language expressions, usages and other linguistic aspects that we apply in real life contexts.

The facility to customize the study materials allows instructors to be as creative as they want. They can upload text files, audios, videos, animations or anything they want in the lessons offered to scaffold students in achieving betterment. Besides inserting downloaded contents, teacher can even use online streaming content for learning as per the context. The interactive materials available in Zybro would leave students with no option, but to get involved in every activity you assign.