Digital Language Labs and Literacy Development

The language labs have been paving way for easy and effective teaching methods since their advent. They have been assisting teachers in lessening their workload and refurbishing the age old methods of teaching. Students on the other hand acknowledge their language lab hours as fun and exciting as labs let them have access to gripping lessons of language learning. The two consoles, teacher’s and student’s enable the respective users numerous features and advantages that make them want to pursue it more. In third world countries where mass population is still struggling to achieve literacy and elementary education, Language labs are a boon. The basic concept of having literacy is to acquire the ability to read and write. Language is not just a means for communication. It plays a great role in our day-to-day lives. A man’s house-hold affairs and his career basic’s success are based upon whether he has at least the basic requirement of literacy. But in some backward places people still don’t understand its importance. And language Lab could kindle in them passion for studies and an optimistic future. The change should always be sprouted from the younglings. And that’s exactly why Zybro digital language labs aim the schools. Still in remote villages of India, English Language Acquisition facilities fall short on the requirement. This is when zybro Digital Language Labs introduces its language Lab Software. The fact that children get excited about using new technological equipments like mobile phones, personal computers, tablets plays in language labs’ favor. The multitudes of features in the consoles/interfaces of language labs provide students of various levels (beginner- intermediate- pro) with many assignments with respective levels of difficulty.