Experience Unique Learning Methodologies with Zybro

Zybro language lab software employs various scientifically proven methodologies and strategies to make English language learning more comfortable and easy for students. This digital language learning software is mainly intended for learning second languages in the same way children learn their first.

Zybro language lab methodology ensures the full involvement of learners and the training is highly practical to engage students in a meaningful way using authentic tasks. The activities included in the language lab reflect the communicative demands of real-life situations and helps the learners to face challenges they encounter while speaking English.

A variety of interactive group activities such as debates, group discussions, role plays, personalised speaking tasks and problem-solving activities help learners enhance the participants’ communicative competence and language skills. The task based approach used in Zybro language lab is helpful to realize the language needs of the participants and to reinforce what they have learned. As the system aids in independent self paced learning, continued improvement can be ensured through learner autonomy.

Zybro language laboratory adapts teaching methods to maximise learning experience and achieve communication goals in a very quick manner. The task based learner centric approach used in Zybro makes the learning enjoyable for students. The system is highly useful for learners to understand and use new expressions and language structures. Teachers can use it to develop strategies for enhancing learners’ skills outside regular class hours. They can set self-study activities for learners to put in maximum effort to learn language.

After the completion of each module, the teacher can assess and certify learner’s improvement. In the end, learners will be able to achieve full potential, and can use English with much confidence.