Get rid of MTI in English Speaking

When you talk in English it should sound like English only; if your English sounds like any other local language, then it is definite that you have mother tongue influence problem. Studies have proven that people with serious mother tongue influence have language learning problems. Sometimes, you might have experienced situations where you guessed the native place of a person from the way he speaks English. But, with the advancements in education segment, innovative teaching approaches and methodologies have been adopted by educators worldwide to remove MTI in English speaking. The role of digital language laboratory is praiseworthy in the case of achieving foreign language proficiency.

When people start learning new language, they often show a natural tendency to compare and contrast it with their primary language. This often leads to mother tongue influence while speaking the target language. Many deserving candidates have lost job opportunities because of this MTI accent. Digital language learning software helps a lot to get rid of native language influence and to speak fluently in global accent. For that, you need not try to imitate British or American English but to focus on speaking correct English only through practice in your day-to-day speech.

The software offers better learning facilities for repeated speech, reading and writing practices to enhance proficiency in language. Learners can use the multimedia contents added in the language lab to watch or to listen to the videos/audios of various lessons to observe articulation of speakers. Students can repeatedly practise what they say and compare it with the original audio/video to evaluate their speech and thereby enhancing their pronunciation further. The privacy offered in digital language lab helps the learner to practice at their own pace and speak confidently overcoming embarrassment and fear of committing mistakes.

Zybro digital language lab enables the reader to practice English sounds and a wide range of words related to those sounds. Besides, the pronunciation of these words, students get familiar with the phonetic transcriptions of the words, so that they may not find it difficult to articulate the word exactly while practice. The extensive collection of study materials Zybro provides include a wide array of vocabulary, expressions, situational dialogues, comprehension passages, speeches, lectures, documentary, essays, debate, presentations, etiquettes and much more than an English training institute can offer you.

You can definitely change the way your students talk in English, but it won't happen overnight. Try Zybro Language lab and let them practise!!!