Language Lab Software: Evolving Trend in English Learning

Since the introduction of computers in ELT domain, language laboratories have been must-have for teachers of ESL. With the rising demand of digital language labs, more and more schools and colleges are converting classrooms into multimedia classes where language labs are used for practising and learning second or third languages. The integration of technology and computer-aided tools into education has provided necessary impetus to technological developments in second language teaching and learning. Researchers have focused on the advantages of digital language labs and teachers as users are adapting their teaching process to create a technology enhanced user-friendly classroom atmosphere.

A well-equipped language lab with advanced technology features is still a need for both teachers and students to make the teaching-learning process more comforting and motivating. The effectiveness of foreign language teaching relies heavily on the environment in which students learn. Hence, for facilitating a better English learning atmosphere and setting, language laboratories are used for English students of non-native countries so that the students can feel the impression of learning target language in its own social and cultural setting. With the emergence of language labs, teachers are using it as a common ground for all teaching methods and it has been embraced by many institutions. As this technology enabled language learning tool is seen as the effective aid for developing communicative skills combining fun and learning, students are also excited to use it for language learning.

In the light of the increasing need of ICT language learning, institutions are recommended to modernize the labs with multimedia tools like language labs instead of the traditional chalk and talk setting. Zybro digital language lab is the one with advanced tools to assist teachers in teaching and providing students with a comfortable and enjoyable learning atmosphere.