NIET Opted for Zybro Language Lab

Zybro Technologies is really excited to report its achievement in bagging order from Noida Institute of Engineering and Technology, one of the top colleges in Greater Noida of Uttar Pradesh, India.

According to the institute authority, Zybro digital language lab was implemented in the college laboratory for the enhanced language skills of job aspirants of the college. This standard edition software is helpful to heighten the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills of the students in a better way. By using this language learning system, learners get inspired to talk freely and to get rid of their inhibitions while talking in front of their peers and instructor. The private space offered by the language lab allows the students to practice language until they get proficient in speaking.

The complimentary language learning material provided along with the software is highly beneficial for the students to get a clear-cut idea about the extensive use of English in professional sector. Besides, the learners get good exposure to the business writings and etiquettes to be followed as a professional, through this specifically designed learning material.

Noida Institute of Engineering and Technology, one of the leading Engineering Collegesof the Greater Noida region was established in 2001 by Dr. Ajay Chaudhary. Itis one of the best private colleges in Indiaand has been ranked under top 100 engineering colleges of India retaining its place at 99th position, as per data released by MHRD department of government of India. Besides, it has been ranked first amongst all private engineering colleges in Delhi NCR region.