Positive Impact of Language Lab Software on English Learning

English proficiency has been identified as a hallmark of personal and professional success and this understanding has brought prime importance to its teaching. Realising the vitalality of English in ones career and personal excellence, due importance is given by many educational institutes in teaching English. With the emergence of digital language lab, language teaching becomes more easy for teachers and enjoyable for students.

By using language lab, teachers can ensure that the learners achieve beyond learning of reading and writing skills. Giving prime importance to listening and speaking skills, the teacher can enhance the language and verbal communicative efficiency of students through various practices and exercises. The primary objective of learning language and communication skills is to comprehend different concepts associated with it. Teaching-learning experience is greater in technology enabled language instruction. Good language labs will be able to meet all the essential parameters for effective language learning. Language lab acts a catalyst and it brings out outstanding positive changes in the learner and his overall attitude. The privacy and self-paced learning along with secure environment offers better experience for learners unlike in traditional classroom The use of the blended methodology in Zybro language lab adds value to the teaching experience and it helps to make phenomenal difference in language learning. Using language lab, one can easily acquire proficiency in pronunciation, speech, intonation and voice modulation in a fast pace. As this technology offers individual space and pace, learners shed their inhibitions quickly and engage in interactive activities which allow them to practise and learn in real life conditions. Hence, it is widely acknowledged that language labs and technology have a positive impact on teaching-learning experiences.