Role of Digital Language Lab in CLT and Soft Skills

Recent years have witnessed sweeping changes in the Information Technology (IT) sector and it has impacted various fields including education and in many spheres. Consequently, great change has happened in the teaching approaches and methodologies in academia which lead to drastic change in the education industry as well. Digital language lab software is the latest trend in the Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) and soft skill training.

The demand for new perspective in communication and increasing need for varied soft skills in workplace has become a matter of immediate concern for academicians, and education industry. Due to this unprecedented change in the education sector, teachers have to cope with these deviations focusing more on communicative language and soft sills to meet the new challenges in career market and learner perception and to take the new role of trainer in the light of the great significance being given to soft skills.

Since employers nowadays expect young graduates to use English meaningfully in different business and professional contexts, candidates need to be language proficient in real-life situations. By using digital language labs in soft skill and communicative language training, teachers can help students in improving language acquisition to an advanced level. With this solution, students can focus more on practical usage of the language rather than studying about them.

Language lab software can be used to teach grammar in practical applications rather than explaining it. As the main purpose of language is to communicate effectively, language laboratories assist learners to speak and write proficiently without the fear of committing mistakes.

Zybro language lab software aims at motivating the learners to speak confidently and to write in their own style. The current industry needs candidates who are original in ideas and expression and not mimicking the old style even in drafting a resume or report. Zybro Technologies provide study materials to help students in developing individual style in speaking and writing various matters according to their business and professional needs. Besides helping students to generate original utterances rather than prefabricated language, the software aids in developing various soft skills necessary for their professional life. The skill-based activities of Communicative Language Teaching including role play, group discussion, debate, and pair works are also incorporated in the software.

With the help of Zybro digital language lab, students will be able to use target language exclusively and creates an atmosphere in which using the target language feels natural and familiar.