Student-Teacher Interaction in Language Laboratory

The teacher student relationship is very important for the personal and academic development of children. Children spend around 5 to 7 hours a day in school for almost 10 months. A positive relationship between the student and the teacher is difficult to establish in a 45 minutes class. Good communication with students individually will help to boost the relationship between student and teacher which in turn develops the personality and academic skill of students. Technological advancements pave way to bridge the gap between teacher and students nurturing a positive atmosphere in classroom.

With the advent of digital language lab software, two-way communication between teacher and students becomes more actual and lively. The interaction platform integrated in language laboratory assists the teacher to communicate with students individually and to give precise guidance during the learning sessions from the teacher consoles. Language lab options are helpful for the teacher to correspond with the students guaranteeing effective two-way communication. The teacher can communicate with students through texting or typing, voice communication and audio/video interaction.

The two-way interaction feature is very much useful for the teacher to communicate personally with students whom she wants to give special guidance or instruction in the midst of a learning session, without disturbing rest of the class. Using the intercom facility in language labs, students who are shy and have inhibitions to talk can communicate with their teacher without any embarrassment.