What’s New in Zybro Language Lab software

Zybro Digital Language Lab is the advanced fully computerised language learning software updated with latest technology features to make the language learning smooth and effortless for students. The sophisticated aspects of Zybro make it unique among other language lab software and it has been continually opted by educational institutions worldwide.

Zybro language lab is integrated with authentic study materials in text, audio and video format. It also provides option to create media resources and activities in different types. Besides, it is easy to synchronise text with audio and video contents. The instructor can differentiate learning with customised learning activities and tools for comparative recording. This helps you assign lessons to students for repeated listening and recording on individual basis. Differentiated learning enables you to design materials and activities considering the uniqueness of individual learners.

The instructor can guide students properly and keep them focused using screen, audio, and video monitoring tools. The grouping and pairing feature of Zybro helps you to assign collaborative projects that stimulate interpersonal communication and brainstorming along with divergent thinking. English language learning contents added in the software is based on the hierarchical order that can be used from beginner to advanced level learners.

Above all, the incognito monitoring feature is helpful for teachers to keep an eye on students always so that learning happens in a very disciplined and structured way just like the traditional classroom.