What Zybro Language Lab Aims

Zybro digital language lab is specifically designed with the purpose of assisting teachers to conduct language sessions in the most effective way implementing innovative methods with fruition and precision. With its exclusive features and futuristic technology, it helps students to enhance their linguistic skills enabling them to excel in oral communication. Language lab is basically used to facilitate students with the most efficient equipments and help them practice in the most appropriate ambience to improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing ability. Zybro language lab is built with the objective of identifying individual learning needs and thus providing remedial measures to make necessary improvements.

The key objectives of Zybro is to

  • Provide blended learning atmosphere to facilitate active and interactive teaching and learning process
  • Assist students acquire second language proficiency in the natural order (LSRW order)
  • Provide language courses and communication training in languages especially, English
  • Enables student-centered learning and learner autonomy
  • Design suitable systems for language-communication and skill enhancement
  • Provide repeated practice sessions with audio-visual aids for language requirements
  • Get students well-versed in pronunciation, intonation, voice modulation, stress and phonetics
  • Enable students learn how to use language in global and real-life contexts
  • Help develop materials for communication training and testing, considering the micro – macro aspects
  • Give proper insight into improvements students make in their linguistic performance
  • Play an instrumental role in enhancing one’s personality and career by helping them to realize and surpass potentials by providing best training in soft skills
  • Guide teachers in creating innovative language learning activities and exercises
  • Help students get rid of mother-tongue influence and inhibitions while speaking in English
  • Impart innovative result oriented trainings in areas like Language, Life Skills, Soft Skills, Personal And Corporate Communication, and BPO-Call Centre Training
  • Successful promotions of creative thinking and writing skills
  • Excellent scores on qualifying tests and certification examination.