Zybro Language Lab: Upgrade your Learning Skills

Before a few decades, when the language students were not given live practice or classes, had to depend on books and cassette players. In those difficult times, learners needed great motivation and got very little response on their progress. Later, with the advent of websites providing courses make learning a bit more easily accessible for learners, it gave little in the interaction mode.

Emergence of language learning software, especially digital language lab paved way for technology-enhanced learning in a very interactive way. Zybro language lab with its added online functions and multimedia tools enables learners to compete in a healthy atmosphere, focusing more on interaction and personalised feedback. Zybro is a learning platform for participants who are intolerable to forums and other pricey learning services. Much of the learning happens in blended or interactive forms including group discussion, conferencing, role play, quizzes etc. which switch frequently between listening, speaking, reading and writing. Learners can assess their progress, compare their scores and advance to the next level of learning with the consent of teacher.

Zybro focuses on the overall development of students’ language skill from serious beginners to advanced level long-term learners. Giving priority on building basic communication skills, Zybro works well for learners who want to enhance their conversational and literary skills. It also occasionally sets off immersive lessons by explaining grammatical concepts at length.